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Arts And Crafts


"Art is and can be defined as, 'a diverse range of human activities and the products

of those activities, usually involving imaginative or technical skill."


















M.A.D's arts & crafts program covers a wide range of activities for young artists, future handmade book makers, potential puppeteers and much much more...


We know that arts and crafts are fun for children and the young-at-heart! M.A.D is here to help talented yet disadvantaged artists around local Tanzanian communities to share their talents without limits. Through music, drama, acting, drawing and much more can make the world a living work of art. At M.A.D we welcome anyone from anywhere around the world to share anything that he or she thinks could help our arts program because, we believe that Life is Art and Art is Life.  

You don’t need special qualifications to participate in the arts and craft program with us. Here we collaborate with a wide range of organizations , music studios , video productions, cultural and modern designers / shops and more.


* Shanga Foundation

* Rural and urban Development Association ( RUDA )


* Hard Touch Records



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