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Tanzania is facing so many problems and here are some of the following ways that we think you can help. 




















Through educational and child sponsorship you can play a big role in the communities because Tanzania is a developing country. One of the big problems is poverty which lead to some children not attending school due to lack of money to pay school fees from their parents.

M.A.D has seen this and found out that through only $50 per month and $600 per year one child can go to school and make his or her future brighter. We have a number of children who want to go to school and they are waiting for your sponsorship. Let us know if you would like to sponsor a child or any other Projects through our contacts.

M.A.D is dealing with different community activities in general and it's still a small organisation so sometimes it faces difficulty running and finnishing the projects in the communities.

Here M.A.D rejoices when local community projects succeed! We have witnessed dreams become reality with the support and encouragement of people like you. Orphans receive sponsorships. New classrooms get built. Children enjoy fun activities in town. Charities open their doors to support more people! Amazing things happen when you get involved. No matter the amount, we appreciate each and every donation that you give to the local communities. 

Volunteering is one of the ways that you can help the community. Through volunteering you will find yourself learning so much with a unique experience from Tanzania.

M.A.D gives you the opportunity to do so through our different volunteering programs in schools, orphanages, hospitals and so many other even special projects thats you have.Volunteers are highly appreciated for their unwavering support and hope that they generate in our communities.

Providing gifts and equipment like school accessories, music instruments, stationery and clothes is another ways of helping the community. M.A.D is here as a connection for you for anything that you want to help or give to the community members in need. 


Contact us and we shall let you know what you would like to send and we'll let you know what the easiest way is. 

Tanzania is a developing country that is full of many projects to do. We found that there are people with different talents and professions that might be useful for the community. M.A.D is also conducting different special projects in the community and the special projects include: construction projects, human rights projects, electrical and carpentry.

Contact us and let us know which project that you would like to be involved in while you're here.

“Have purpose: the means will follow!”

- Mahatma Gandhi



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