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Child care/Orphanages






Maisha Arts Development is developing life and we know that orphanage work is one of the most popular programs that volunteers choose to do while they are here.

M.A.D has made this easy for you since we have many orphanages that we collaborate with. Many of these orphanages also act as schools during the day, with children from the local area coming to attend school. There may be some cross over between orphanage and teaching programs at times. 

Here are some of the orphanages that we collaborate with:

  • Aston Vision Orphanage 


  • Upendo Face Orphanage


  • Matanyok Orphanage


  • Samartan Orphanage


  •  Good Hope Orphanage



Some of our volunteer opportunities at the orphanages include:

  • Help mark homework and tests.

  • Assist with housework (cooking, sweeping, laundry, etc.).

  • Plan outdoor games and activities for the children.

  • Quality time with the children (coloring, reading stories, movies).

  • Assist with preparing newsletters and other correspondence.

  • Assist with administrative tasks for the orphanage.

  • Take children out to places in town such as swimming, lunch or games.

If volunteering in an orphanage is not your preference, you can still help by raising money for food, bedding, clothes and medical checks for the orphans. What about setting up a social media site for the orphanage like a Facebook page or a website?  

Volunteering gives you an opportunity to change people’s lives, including your own.

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