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How to Donate


If you wish to donate straight to Maisha Arts Development please use the following details to complete the money transfer.    Always remember to use a safe and secure provider (such as your own bank). International transfers require you to pay an a  additional fee. This varies by transfer provider and country. Please check with your provider first and remember to add this  amount on to your donation.

Maisha Arts Development Organisation has a US Dollar account. Payments must be made in US Dollars.


                                           Beneficiary name: MAISHA ARTS DEVELOPMENT ORGANIZATION

                                                                  Beneficiary account number: 002-6001501

        Beneficiary Bank name: Barclays Bank Tanzania Limited

P.O. Box 14652, Arusha,Tanzania


Beneficiary Bank SWIFT code: BARCTZTZ

 How to donate in the USA:

Please make money orders and/or checks to:

Chelsey Jones

Mail to our USA office:

Chelsey Jones

1030 Road 11

Powell, WY  82435


 For donation from Great Britain Pounds (GBP) and EUR contact us through our email  and we shall help how you can make your donations easily.

You can also donate through our GoFund Me page to support

Maisha Arts Development Center!

















Thank You! - Asante Sana!

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