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Maisha Arts Development is all about developing life, education being one of the best ways to do so.


You don’t need special qualifications to volunteer in a teaching program with us. All you need is good English skills and passion for the subject that you will be teaching. You will be challenged at times, mainly with lack of supplies and large class sizes. However, you will see a change in the children you are working with, and at the same time will come to realise that they have taught you more than you have taught them. Teaching is such a rewarding experience. Many of the local teachers don’t have proper grammar, spelling or reading skills, you can also teach them to be a life-long- learner too!

We also link with various colleges and universities to provide overseas internships for students. Here are some of the schools that we collaborate with for different teaching programs around Arusha, Tanzania:


  • Upendo Nursery

  • Huruma Nursery

  • Rafiki Day Care

  • Tumaini Day Care and Women Center

  • Happy Day Care School

  • Good Hope Primary School



We are also linked with various colleges, institutions and universities to provide overseas internships for students. So come boost your C.V with us!


You can help any of our associated schools  in other ways- raising money for equipment, a play ground, more desks, teaching materials, uniforms for the children or a lunch program. You can also help by getting these schools onto social media- creating a Facebook account or a website! The possibilities are limitless...


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