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Maisha Arts Development Center 

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In Maisha Arts Development we are taking a huge leap starting a technical school called Maisha Arts Development Center. Our mission is to improve a community by educating a population of unprivileged youth that wouldn’t have a chance to further their education. James started this organization because he wanted to help the community through life and arts activities. By doing this he found that this improves the confidence of the youth and gives them new opportunities. We are going to give a student a basic skill that will set them apart from others so they can reach their goals and provide for themselves and their family. Learning vocational skills like welding, tailoring and basic computer skills will allow the students earn higher paying jobs or become a successful entrepreneur.


The education in Tanzania is very problematic because students are forced to memorize the material to pass the exams. As a result many students fail out of school and don’t have anywhere to go and their dreams are shattered. This is why Maisha Arts Development is working hard to create Maisha Arts Devopment Center that will teach students skills like how to use a computer, how to become a carpenter and much much more...

Maisha Arts Development is in constant need of volunteers. We are more than happy to welcome anyone who is willing to come and learn more about our organization. At the moment it would be the most helpful if volunteers with the following skill sets came to really help jump start our projects. Photographers, journalists, engineers, architects, and social media marketers. Feel free to contact us anytime, we would love to hear from you! 

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